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  • Welcome To Crafty Cash

    10th Oct 2019 by

    You work hard for your money; don’t waste it. — Ashley Gornall Personal finance is boring. Crafty Cash is here to make it interesting and to tell you something important that you didn’t know. From the basics of personal finances to creative est ways to make money and keep it, Crafty Cash is your source… Read more

  • The 5 Reasons It Is Not Worth Being a Landlord

    7th Nov 2019 by

    In the free-wheeling days of the UK property market, where prices were going up like an out of control escalator to the sky, the rush for buy-to-let property became an all-out stampede. But in the last few years, the stampede has lost much of its pace and has started to retreat. The media still highlight… Read more

  • Treat yourself to an annual financial review

    5th Nov 2019 by

    It’s a good idea to review past mistakes. Warren Buffett Typically the preserve of publicly listed companies and those with financial advisers working for them, the annual financial review is actually one of the best tools for generating a picture of the trends in your personal financial situation. I have always had a vague sense… Read more

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